Posing for Couples

I have not done any "how-to" or "what-to-expect" posts so far. But I do often try and communicate these things to clients in advance over email. This year I am focusing on building more of these materials. I decided to answer the question I sometimes get: "What poses can we expect?" Honestly, in the past I have reminded couples of what I think it most important: Being the moment together. Let your love flow naturally. Have fun with the prompts. Enjoy each other's presence. (It will make the biggest difference). I can guide you through the poses. And I still 100% believe that. During sessions I can often feel out how couples relate to one another and what helps them relax. It is always my goal for sessions (family and couples) to be a fun experience. Depending on your comfort level, you can expect to snuggle, kiss, laugh, and be a little silly. :)

Nonetheless, I do want to introduce you a bit to my 8 go-to poses. Each pose can have several variations based on who is looking at the camera, hand placement, expression, etc. I always welcome new ideas if you have them. You can also tell me if there is a pose or style you dislike and we will skip it. I do try and keep things in mind such as height differences, but you can also let me know if there is something you are worried about, a personal preference, or a feature you would like downplayed or emphasized.

The Classic

I almost always do "the classic" for couples and families. Some call this the "grandma shot" because it is a straight forward portrait. I do like it because it keeps the man's shoulders nice and squared, and when the female turns in her belly button to his hip, puts weight on her back leg, and pops the knee of her outside leg, it can emphasize a flattering hourglass curve.

Tummy to Tummy

This pose is where your belly button to belly button. I feel like this looks great for everyone and can create some sweet and intimate moments. For example, it is great for kissing shots or forehead kisses. I also love when a female places her head on her significant other's chest.

Sitting Down

I have slowly become a big fan of sitting pictures. They can be so snuggly and sweet. I like the different perspective they allow. They are also great when the guy might be a bit shorter and the female taller.

Hug From Behind

This can be done with the woman hugging from behind or the man. Sometimes this gets called "the prom pose" but I try and avoid making it look too stiff. It is great for incorporating a nuzzle or laugh.

Straight On

Whether the couple is holding hands or the woman is holding onto the man's arm, this pose is with both hip to hip and facing forward.


Walking is a great way to relax and start a session to get some nerves out. Plus, I love incorporating movement poses throughout a session.


If couples are open to it, I love seeing a twirl, or dip, or slow dance. It is usually a fun moment everyone enjoys. :)


I don't always do this, but sometimes I will give a couple space and privacy to express what they love about one another to each other in an intimate moment (and use a longer lens). If I know they are people of faith, then I will encourage them to take a few minutes in prayer. I will photograph from a distance where I can't hear what they are saying.