Husband kissing bride on her forehead in a field at sunset

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.”

—Nicole Reed

Emily and John exuded so much love. They were so fully in love with one another--but the their love was felt everywhere - their children, their friends, their family, and their home. Their story is their own. I know I only caught glimpses of it, but it was deeply moving and an honor to bear witness to on their wedding day.

They celebrated with friends and family at their home they built on land that had been in Emily's family for a long time. The ceremony overlooked a beautiful pond. We shot in a field a short walk from the house. Emily shared some of the family history there and how she loved walking that field every day with their dog.

The day had a beautiful rhythm of teamwork throughout it with friends and family helping with the food, the decorations, and final touches. Even their delicious cake was made by a friend of their daughter.

They strung up lights in their backyard above a dance floor and they built a nearby fire to warm guests when the warmth of the day gave way to a chilly fall evening.

The day was perfectly them in every way, and we wish them all the best!

Fence with mums
Description of the wedding ceremony
Earrings next to a fern
Wedding rings next to the wedding invitation
Family house as seen from the other side of a pond
bride holding flowers with broach with dad's picture
portrait of a man wearing gray tie and dark blue suit
the back of a lacy wedding dress
Bride and Groom Kiss with the Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees
Woman in long white dress and man in dark blue suit
woman in wedding dress with two girls on either side in light pink, long dresses
Reflection in mirror of woman with dark hair having her hair done
young man preps several pans of pasta
mother of the bride gently touches her daughter's arm
woman puts on earrings for wedding
dog lays down to sleep by a bunch of feet
dog laying down in a closet
bridesmaids turn see the bride as they turn around
young girl in long pink dress smiles
bride surrounded by bridesmaids
dog as a ring bearer with a green bow tie
bridesmaid in pink dress walking down the aisle
bridesmaid in pink dress holding flowers
Groom smiles as his bride walks down the aisle
bride walks down the aisle with her mother
Young man reads the Bible aloud
man and woman on a balcony with people underneath
man and woman kiss on the balcony
man and woman at small table outside with ferns in front
kids jumping on a trampoline
young girl standing by cake she made
couple drives off in their jeep
bride and groom kiss in the back of a jeep
two girls dancing in jackets on the dance floor
girl in blue sweatshirt and girl in red jacket dance
groom held by his firefighter buddies at the reception
cake topper with last name
Bride and groom dance under their outdoor lights
couple kisses on the dance floor
couple shares a moment on the dance floor holding each other
husband and wife dance their first dance