Justin + Rachel

Justin and Rachel have been such a joy to get to know over the past year. I met them both in a class we were all taking last year. Their love for one another just radiates. They are also people of great kindness with an infectious joy for life. I am excited to see how their story continues to grow and develop. I feel like they are living out such a beautiful testimony of trusting God and handing him their plans.

I had the honor of photographing Justin proposing at Stephen's Lake. It was so fun to discreetly hide at a distance and capture him getting down on one knee. We took some pictures after because their joy was infectious and all the spring blooms were out on the trees. It truly felt like a celebration and the next chapter in their love story.

For their engagement pictures we waited for fall and took them at the Forum Nature Area. The color palette was very different from the spring--but I loved capturing them surrounded by those rich, cozy autumn tones. Rachel and Justin are such joyful and kind people with a love for adventure--so every interaction and session has been an absolute joy! I can't wait to see what their future holds. Mitch and I are so excited to photograph their summer wedding in Switzerland!

Woman looks at man down on one knee
Man proposes to woman
Woman gives man a big hug
Woman gives a side hug to man
Man and woman standing in front a blooming purple tree
Man and woman standing in front of spring trees
engagement ring shot
Man faces woman and holds her hands
Man and woman look down at hands and admire the engagement ring
Sunset glow in spring trees
Man and woman face each other and smile
Woman laughs with man as they face each other
Man in blue shirt hugs woman in flowered dress
Man gives woman hug from behind
Behind hug and smile
Man and woman sitting on park bench
Woman in blue sari looks up at man
Man look down at woman with yellow flowers in front
Sunset haze warmly lights a man and woman
Woman with long dark hair hugging man and smiling
Couple hugging and smiling
Man and woman holding hands and facing each other
Woman hugs man from behind as he looks back at her and smiles
Yellow flowers in foreground in front of couple
Man and woman hugging each other
Man and woman on bridge and hugging each other
Man nuzzles into woman
Man makes a woman laugh
Man and woman walking on a path
Sunset behind a couple at a nature area
Beautiful woman with long dark har
Couple dancing in front of a sunset