Kaitlan and Cory

I got to know Kaitlan and Cory shortly after they were engaged. I had photographed her sister, and knew her mom. She was by far the most organized bride I have ever met. She had most of the wedding planned within a couple days of getting engaged. They fit each other well, Kaitlan a teacher and Cory a coach. They fit together so naturally, and enjoy sharing life and raising their two adorable pups together.

The wedding venue was at The Red Rock Acres in Holts Summit, Missouri. It was charming, rustic, and surrounded by gorgeous farmland. Though it did have an outdoor ceremony option, Kaitlan and Cory were glad they had decided to do it all inside because the weather pushed to over 100 degrees, not counting humidity.

They had the cutest setup of Crumble cookies for dessert. (If you have never had a Crumble cookie, then just imagine the most decadent cookie). However, what got me the most during the day was simply the love between the bride and groom, and the love they shared with their family. The father-daughter dance where her stoic dad was holding back tears, and then her mom joined in brought me and pretty much everyone else to tears. The speeches were heartfelt and showed the character and quality of connections they have formed as a couple. It was an honor to capture their wedding day.

Rustic barn and silo in Missouri
wedding dress handing from beam
dad helping son put on bow tie
wedding shoes and flowers on wooden table
details of wedding dress lace and beading
bride putting on perfume
bride and bridesmaids on bed laughing in robes
groom sitting on stool
mom laughing as she helps her daughter with dress
bride putting in earrings
beading on the back of wedding dress
sister helping fluff wedding dress
mom and sisters helping with the veil
bridesmaids see dress for the first time
bridesmaids and bride hug
father sees daughter in wedding dress for the first time
first look with the groom seeing his bride
groom nuzzles the side of bride's head
Bridesmaids standing in front of barn venue
Bride and groom stand on covered patio
bridesmaid fanning bride
groomsmen taking a formal picture
groomsmen drinking Bud Light
man wearing silly socks
mother with her three sons
Bridesmaids laugh while holding flowers
Bride takes a picture with her sisters
Bride and groom laugh at each other
woman holds a bouquet of white roses
sisters look at each other and smile
groomsmen all lined up facing the groom
bridal portrait of woman holding white roses
bride looks down at her shoulder
placing rings on each others fingers
bride shows a note she wrote on the back of her dad's tie
wide view of wedding ceremony
first kiss as husband and wife
bride and groom walk down the aisle
groomsmen and bridesmaid exit
bride and groom laughing during speeches
dad smiles as he dances with his daughter
father and daughter dancing together
mom walks up and joins the dance
mother and father hug bride
family hug
dancing and hugging as a family
father daughter dance
Wedding party celebrating as the couple kisses
everyone laughs as the walk back to the building
crumble cookies
bride and groom cut the cake
bride and groom feed each other cake
bride and groom feed each other cake
first dance as husband and wife
husband smiles at new wife
husband kisses new wife
groom smiles as he parties at the reception
bride grabs mom to come to the dance floor
bride poses with her friends
mini wedding cake for cutting
best man speech
speech from sister
toasting the new couple
friend speech
guy in tie and sunglasses dances
group dancing together to Cuban shuffle
woman uses guys tie to pull them close
woman pulling on guy's tie
group partying
group dancing
guys drinking and dancing
bride surrounded by her dancing friends
friend dancing
guys are crazy and dancing
Sunset portrait
bride and groom foreheads together
serious faced wedding image
man and woman holding hands and looking at each other
bride and groom walking through a field away from camera
groom holding his new bride
contemplative portrait
man in suspenders
woman in a white dress
large wedding ring on hand
couple standing by a lake at sunset
couple dancing and spinning in a field
wide shot of couple in a field
glory sunset light walking around husband and wife
Bride and groom walking through a field