Jeff + Katie

We love all of our couples and are truly blessed with getting to meet some of the best people! But we felt very fortunate to have been able to photograph Jeff and Katie's wedding because we were already friends. We knew Jeff first before he ever met Katie. And when he met Katie it became apparent very quickly to everyone around them that she was the one. While I don't necessarily believe in the idea of everyone having one soulmate, I sometimes meet couples where you just know that they are perfectly made for each other--and Jeff and Katie felt that way. They had a comfortability and friendship that suggested they had known each other for years, not months. Plus, they seemed to cherish and challenge one another in the best of ways. We were beyond excited when they got engaged! And my husband, Mitch, was asked to do their premarital counseling and marry them, which he was very honored to do.

Katie and Jeff are incredible individuals and an amazing couple. I was deeply moved at their rehearsal to hear all of the speeches from their family and friends affirming how they were kind, loving, good friends, hard working, and even better together.

While Mitch is typically my second shooter, and they had asked us to photograph their wedding day, I knew Mitch would not be able to help until the reception. So we asked a friend from church and neighbor of ours who also is a photographer, and and him and his wife gracious filled the role of second shooter. It was an honor and delight to work with Chris and Kelechi Adejo from Flourishing Kay Chris Photography. Chris has such a good eye, dynamic energy that I love, and skill with the camera. Kelechi was a blessing to have with us as well, as she had just such a keen eye for detail that was helpful throughout the day. If you need a great photographer--they are excellent. He does an amazing job with portraits, events, weddings, and sports.

It was such a lovely day all around. They venue location was fun, the trees beautiful, and the weather not too bad outside of some crazy wind! We had to get creative with wedding party pictures because the wind was seriously intense. We found we could squeeze everyone between two large trees and block the worst of it. Fortunately, it died down in time for golden hour portraits. There was also a brief rainstorm that mercifully rolled in during their indoor ceremony. It ended right before they exited. When they got outside, they found an incredible rainbow. It gives me goosebumps to think about it. It felt like a divine gift or seal of approval. :)

Jeff and Katie's portraits remain some of my favorites to this day. They were just so relaxed, in love, and the colors and view just a minute up the road were perfect. Earlier in the day, we snuck into a little train car coffee shop across the street for portraits (they both love good coffee and exploring coffee shops). It felt very them and was a lot of fun.

I also enjoy seeing the type of friends people have around them at weddings--and Jeff and Katie had such a beautiful support system of friends and family. They are so loved by everyone. And it was very clear how much they also loved and cherished their friends and family.

They ended the night before their exit with a dance--just for them alone--with everyone else outside. It was the first time I had seen this done, and it was such a great idea to save a moment just for yourselves in the hustle and busyness of the day.

Happy 1st anniversary and many more to come!

Mitch and Nathana

Engagement and Rehearsal

I couldn't resist sharing a few from their engagement session and rehearsal as well! :)