A Beautiful story to tell

Emma and Luke fit together beautifully. Tenderness, love, friendship, and shared faith radiate when you are around them. Both in their engagement session and in their wedding--they wanted me to capture not only the traditional pictures--but who they are: the unique elements caused by Covid-19, their powerful faith, funny family interactions, details of passed-down treasured earrings and family Bible, the blue heart she sewed into her dress to show her kindergarteners, silly socks, and the story of their special day surrounded by family and friends.

There were a few things I want to highlight from their day that really stuck out to me. First, their testimony during their ceremony when they put together the cross instead of a unity candle, and the collective time of the guests praying over them as a couple. This spoke volumes about what they valued most.

Emma and Luke were friends before the pandemic, but most of their time dating and engaged was spent during the pandemic. We celebrated the uniqueness of that during their engagement pictures, but it also affected their wedding, though not as hoped. Luke's father was quarantined with Covid at the time of the wedding and it had to be live streamed for him. He also FaceTimed the couple and later drove by to say hello from a safe distance.

I loved how much fun everyone had dancing at the reception. From a sweet father-daughter dance turned Party in the USA breakdown, to Luke and his brother surprising everyone and rocking out to Family Force Five's "Wobble."

The details of the day were also soaked in meaning from many of the decorations, to a special family Bible the ring bearer carried in. Emma's earrings had been her mother-in-law's at her wedding. There was a special broach on the Emma's bouquet. Emma also had "something blue" in the form of a blue heart sewed into the inner lining of her dress.

Hands down they hand the most creative first look. They wanted it to reflect Christ and his church, his bride. Luke entered blindfolded with his groomsmen banging on pots and pans and shouting. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how beautiful it was!

On a final note, I want to say thank you to my own love and husband Mitch who not only worked as my second shooter getting different perspectives and photographing the guys getting ready, but he was always ready and willing to run errands and help the couple in any way he could.

I feel like I could include hundreds of pictures, but here are some of my favorites!

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